Privacy & Cancellation Policies

Technology Privacy Policy

Please be advised that given the nature of cell phone and internet service, I only use these technological modes of communication for scheduling and discussing appointments. This is because I cannot ensure HIPAA compatibility or a completely secure internet or cell phone connection. If you discuss a counseling-related issue outside of session, consider that your privacy cannot be ensured. This is why I will direct you to scheduling a session where I can make sure your privacy is maintained.

Intake Paperwork

I send out intake paperwork via email if I have your email address in case you prefer to fill this out on your own time. I ask that you print it and physically bring it to the session rather than email it back so that the privacy of your personal information is not compromised.

Cancellation Policy

Please give me 24-hours notice or there is a cancellation fee of the price of the session. If canceling late (between 24 hours and 30 minutes before session), there will be an $80 charge for individuals and $130 charge for couples.

No-show Policy

If canceling less than 30 minutes before session or failure to notify me of cancellation, there is a charge equal to the cost of session.

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